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What we do is not a policy advisory body. As its name implies, it addresses pandemic science, not pandemic policy.

We aim to report on the science as it evolves, with all the uncertainty that it also entails.

Publish ‘synthetic reviews’

Review Teams of experts in various research fields will review the latest science on urgent questions related to the pandemic. As a group, they will produce ‘synthetic reviews which put newly emerging evidence into the context of existing knowledge. They will also address important uncertainties and unknowns that remain.

If needed, they will solicit quick peer review of ‘preprint’ papers that seem noteworthy but have not yet undergone such review from a research journal.

The outcomes of our Review Teams will be published on this website including references to the evidence which they have reviewed.

The assessments will address the science only; they will not contain recommendations for government policy. Once published however they will be accessible to all: governments and their advisors, news media, and the public.

RAMP Forums

Separately, supporting one innovative way to identify relevant evidence in newly emerged research, we support a ‘crowd filtering’ group known as “the RAMP Forums”. First convened in April 2020 by the U.K.’s Royal Society, the forums have supplied rapid assessments of papers to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies in the U.K.

The Forums are still focused primarily on topics related to the biomedical and physical sciences, but they are encouraging researchers from other pandemic-relevant disciplines to also join, which will broaden their scope. Forum members can flag, parse, recommend, rate, summarise and discuss recent papers from the literature (but preferably not their own work).

Our Review Teams may include papers highlighted in the Forums when drafting their synthetic reviews.