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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions people have frequently asked.

Q: Do we really need yet another advisory body? Aren’t things confusing and conflicting enough as they are?
A: is not a new advisory body. It aims to reduce general confusion surrounding the pandemic by filling a separate niche:
(a) it limits itself to reviewing the state of science without giving policy recommendations;
(b) it is scientifically broad and multidisciplinary;
(c) it aims to leverage support from a broad base of researchers to review all relevant scientific information including the very latest research;
(d) it is academically independent and open to the public, and may therefore help generating more trust in science-based policies;
(e) it encourages an international approach.

Q: Does compete with policy advisory bodies ?
A: No, on the contrary: is not in the business of providing policy recommendations and complements the work of policy advisory bodies.
We are a conduit through which a broader community of scientists offers expertise. We hope to help in building scientific consensus.

Q: is based in the Netherlands. Why is your site in English?
A: While was initiated in the Netherlands, contributing researchers may come from around the globe.
One goal is to also increase international dialogue and collaboration on pandemic research, and the English language will help us get there, especially in a start-up phase.

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